Jocelyn Boothby

Jocelyn Boothby

Food, Fitness & Stress Coach

~Specializing in Women’s Wellness Over 40~

Are you a woman over 40 that feels exhausted and fed up with stubborn weight gain?

You can change all of that now!

 Find Lasting Weight Loss Success at Midlife

~Using Science to Design Your Custom Wellness Blueprint~

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Rebalance your body with a blend of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle strategies

that work with a woman’s unique body, not against it.

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What’s different about my approach?

Do you find yourself…

  • jumping from fad diet to fad diet but never losing long-term weight?
  • feeling like you have no will-power when it comes to intense sugar cravings?
  • angry and frustrated with your body because it isn’t behaving the way it used to or the way you think it ‘should’?

As women, we spend so much time and energy trying to force our bodies to follow diet rules that they were not designed to… especially during midlife.


There is another option!
Instead, you can tune into your amazing body to make the necessary adjustments needed after the age of 40.
Hormone levels shift  throughout your life… and so should your exercise, recovery methods, and nutrition!   Learn to support your body’s new  requirements during this phase of life by synchronizing food, fitness and lifestyle factors with your changing hormone levels to find a fit that is personal to you.


Stop depriving and start thriving!
Once you understand how to tap into the power of working with your body instead of battling against it, I promise  things will change!
A key part of this is choosing small actions that you are ready, willing and able to make and then stacking them on top of one another.  This is how it becomes possible to find lasting weight and fat loss, abundant energy, and hormone harmony.


It’s time for that change!


The Foundations of My Coaching

Curious if my coaching would align with your goals?  Click the arrow to check out my core wellness beliefs.




Check Out The Transformations!

‘Working with Jocelyn has taught me a lot about how my body has changed and how I need to change my behaviors to see the results for long term health. I’ve not only dropped pounds and inches, but I have a much better handle on my stress management, and I sleep better than I have in years.’

 ‘When I hit my mid 40s, I felt like I no longer knew my body.  I was tired a lot, my eating was out of control, and I just felt blah in general.  What used to work to get healthy no longer worked.

When I started working with Jocelyn, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was really surprised that her approach centers solely around me, not a pre-formulated plan to follow.  She took time to learn about my lifestyle, what I was apt to try and not try, and what I wanted out of this journey. She researched and came back with initial behaviors that I could try as a start. And then we took off from there.

Jocelyn’s approach is based on behaviors custom to me and my lifestyle.  Some behaviors were simple like a nightly 5 minute bedtime routine.  Once I got the simple behaviors down, I added more aggressive behaviors.  I was surprised how much I called the shots of when I was ready to add new behaviors. Before long, I was ready to really take a hard look at my nutrition. Together, we came up with a plan that I knew I could and WOULD do.

We touched base on a regular basis and I learned a ton from Jocelyn. She has and continues to study the science behind what is going on with our bodies after 40. She gave a lot of explanation and inspiration of how the behaviors we chose work in my body.

What Jocelyn helped me understand is that this is not a quick fix…she really wants me to succeed long-term.  Before I knew it, I saw results. In the last six months:

  • My sleep is consistent and restful.
  • I have tools to keep my stress levels down
  • My nutrition is much better, and I have a handle on managing cravings
  • I’ve lost 15 pounds and a total of 4 inches

I’m so glad I did this. I now have the mindset and tools to keep going on my own, and I’m looking forward to continued success.’

Tricia Gagne. age 47

Dell Technologies

How Can I Assist You?


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Is Nutrition, Fitness & Stress Coaching  The Solution For You at Midlife?

Your midlife body is changing and that means your wellness strategies should too!

At midlife you experience a natural transition time known as perimenopause (which means ‘around menopause’) that can last up to 8-10 years!

This is followed by menopause, which marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years.

During midlife, you may experience some of the possible symptoms of perimenopause/menopause such as sleep disturbances, mood changes, intense food cravings, hot flashes, changes in menstrual cycle and weight gain.

With the correct lifestyle and mindset changes (not the things you used to do in your 20’s and 30’s), this transition can be made much smoother.

If you want to optimize your well-being and reach your ideal weight during the ever-changing time of midlife, working with a coach is definitely a solution for you.


Do you feel like you've tried everything to lose weight and body fat and absolutely nothing works anymore?

This is so frustrating! It leads us to believe that we are not trying hard enough or that our bodies are turning against us. This isn’t the case!  It’s most likely due to the changing hormones we experience at this age.  But there are ways you can alter your food, fitness routine, and stress levels that will help to balance your fluctuating hormones and work with your body instead of against your natural biology. You will finally lose the stubborn fat for good while supporting your longevity in the process!

Are you a midlife woman experiencing troublesome symptoms like insomnia, bloating, low mood, stubborn weight gain or brain fog?

These are all common issues facing women during perimenopause and menopause.  The standard strategy to cope with these uncomfortable symptoms is the ‘band-aid approach’.  This method just ends up covering up the symptom but never addresses the cause of the problem at its source.  Since the root cause does not get managed, your body responds with more and more new symptoms.  My approach focuses on synchronizing nutrition and fitness as well as mindset and lifestyle changes to create hormonal harmony and a flexible metabolism to minimize those frustrating symptoms and support the balance of the body.

Are you frustrated with energy slumps, mystery symptoms and being told that your lab results are 'normal' even though you feel anything but 'normal' these days?

Here is your solution!  We can work together to determine a step-by-step strategy that is doable and leads to lifelong results.  Small changes will add up over time so that you will get your health back on track and ease through  midlife with grace, joy and vibrant energy.

Getting Started is Easy

Feeling Fit and Fantastic Over 40 Connection Call

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to find out how you can lose weight in a sustainable way… even at midlife!

We’ll chat about your health and wellness goals to discover the most beneficial first step you can take to rebalance your body and start feeling more like yourself again.

Join the 'Finding Fitness Again' Facebook Group

Come join a community of positive and encouraging women 40+ that want to lose weight, build strength and resilience, and renew their  confidence at midlife.

If extra weight and low energy levels are holding you back from the active life you remember & crave… this is the group for you!

1 Month to Gluten-free and/or Dairy-free Living Program

Are you curious if your body might benefit from trying a gluten and/or dairy-free diet?  In this program I walk you through the information, swapping ideas and pitfalls to avoid as well as provide a personalized recipe guide to make this transition successful for you.

Curious? Why Wait? Send Me Any Questions You Have!

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